Getting started in blogging… How I do it

Did you like my earlier work?? I love how I ran out of inspiration at the end and just summarised my extensive points. There must be so many different methods that people use to write their blogs, but here are the ones that work best for me. I’d love to hear how everyone else gets started on their writing!

First up, some ideas for when I’m stuck on how to format a post:

  • Lists

This is a great one for when you can’t think what to do! You can pick some quite broad topics, but then make them more personal by filling out each point you make with anecdotes. See my A-ZList of goals and 10 things to do

  • Letters

We all have that person that has inspired us, or made us happy, or made us angry! Letting those emotions out and saying what you never had the chance to say is so freeing, and because we have such strong emotions it is easy to make it sound genuinely passionate. Check out my Letter to my GP and Letter to myself.

  • A good old fashioned rant

This isn’t great to do all the time, mainly because most people don’t get angry that often. But if you find an issue you feel strongly about then try and explain why it needs to change. Try not to attack the people you are angry at, but instead educate them. For example, I get annoyed when people use the phrase ‘committed suicide

  • Open it up to guests

Arguably lazy blogging, but I genuinely love using different people’s opinions! I know that the point of a blog is to express your view, but it is sometimes refreshing to hear some different ones. It gets people involved – be sure to promise links to your guests’ blogs and you will get lots of interest. In the past I have had guests talking about a good day, and I am currently looking for non-bloggers who want to give it a go!

Another thing I get stuck on is content:

  • Quotations

Please say I’m not the only one who saves pictures on their phone when they find a quote they like? (I’m sorry, quotation, English Lit A Level will never leave me. Quote is a verb, quotation is the noun.) Sometimes I start with one of these and write a whole piece around it. This post is based on a lovely Moomins quote.

  • What did you do today?

This is an easy way to get some content. Simply talk about what you did today (try not to be too dull). Here I made my sister a birthday cake!

  • Your thoughts on a TV programme/film

Watched something that got you thinking? Write about it. Try not to do too much description of the content/plot, but instead focus on your opinions. I wrote about Child Genius.

And here are some general tips

  • Don’t be too general, but leave yourself room for lots to talk about – It is never a good idea to say “this blog is just about me and my life!” It tells your readers nothing, and they are likely to assume that it is boring. Don’t be too specific either – not many people will keep up with a blog on frogs in Norwich, but more people will be interested if it’s about amphibians across the world. (I’m bad at making up examples but you get the idea)
  • Don’t be afraid of opening up – if you aren’t ready to share some personal things, then blogging probably isn’t right for you. That’s OK, but there isn’t much point in doing it if you are going to be vague.
  • Imagine you are speaking to someone that doesn’t know you – this will make sure that you don’t skip over things that are necessary for your point to make sense. However, you need to assume a basic level of intelligence from your readers to avoid over-explaining or patronising them.

I hope you have found this useful bloggers!

If anyone would like to have a go at writing for me, get in touch! More information here. No experience or talent required, just a desire to share your story or tips or ideas.


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